Commercial Litigation

Litigation.   The fear of many a business owner.  Whether it’s the appearance of a process server in your office reception area or the certified mailing from a registered agent, the specter of litigation is always present to business owners.   We understand the significant toll a litigation can have on your business, but also understand that an aggressive, focused approach to litigation can serve your business interests.  There are times when you need to enforce your rights – a former employee is soliciting clients, a distributor is refusing to deliver product, a competitor is making false statements about your business in the marketplace.  Whether it is defending you against a litigation or preserving your business’ rights and reputation, the attorneys at Tesser, Ryan & Rochman, LLP have developed a team approach to effectively and aggressively represent you and your business in the court room.


TRR’s philosophy in handling a litigation is to evaluate the issues and client goals and then, as may be necessary, to employ the team approach in the representation of clients in litigation.  This approach has allowed us to represent clients both in complex federal and state court actions and in less complex, but equally important, actions in state civil courts.

Through the supervised delegation of tasks and interaction with you, the client, we assure that we are fully knowledgeable of the facts and law of your case and are prepared for every twist and turn of a litigation.  The one thing you can always count on is that an experienced partner of the firm will always be available, whether to answer your calls and inquiries or to promptly respond to an adversary or Judge.


This approach has been successful in litigating on behalf of clients in the most complex of cases against some of the largest firms in the country as well as when enforcing our clients rights in matters that may involve less dollars but which are equally important to our clients.

Tesser, Ryan & Rochman’s commercial litigation experience has covered a wide range of issues and disputes.  A few recent examples of our litigation practice includes cases which involved shareholder disputes, business and partnership break ups, interpretation and enforcement of insurance contracts, licensing and distribution agreements, deceptive business practices and claims brought under the Federal Lanham Act, employment agreements and claims pertaining to the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) as well as breach of contract and non-payment cases.


The attorneys at Tesser, Ryan & Rochman have over one hundred years of experience in representing clients in Federal and state courts in New York and across the United States.  We have developed not only the knowledge and skill in effectively preparing, managing and litigating a case – we are able to counsel clients on issues such as the advisability of litigating, the availability of alternate dispute resolution methods, and negotiating with adversaries.