Counseling and assistance to the entrepreneur

through a full range of services

The unique needs of today’s entrepreneur, whether it be a steel manufacturer or a placement firm or a moving company, involve complex and intricate legal and business issues that require the attention of an experienced counselor.

Tesser, Ryan, & Rochman, LLP has been serving entrepreneurs and their businesses since 1984. The firm has consistently maintained a high standard of representation through its unique process of examining and analyzing all aspects of the client’s enterprise, from both a business and interpersonal perspective. We have found that a thorough understanding of the client’s business and its relationships leads to practical and effective resolutions of legal problems.

The rendering of legal representation to the entrepreneur goes beyond document preparation. At Tesser, Ryan, & Rochman, LLP, we have long been dedicated to providing our clients with a carefully-executed balance of legal proficiency and business acumen to effectively develop and implement legal solutions to clients’ needs.

The firm’s work in this area does not involve boilerplate or cookie-cutter answers to clients’ complex issues. It involves the understanding of the clients individualized needs and requirements along with an informed analysis of any relevant history impacting upon the immediate concern, an evaluation of contributing problems and the building of consensus to reach favorable conclusions.

Tesser, Ryan, & Rochman, LLP typically is involved in working with clients on the following issues:

  • The formation of the business entity, including the selection of an appropriate form of entity for the organization, formation and preparation of initial documents, such as by-laws, initial agreements and/or minutes;
  • The negotiation and drafting of a partnership or shareholder agreement for the principals and employment contracts for key employees;
  • The negotiation and counsel in signing of a lease for the business’ office, obtaining requisite financing, approvals, licenses or permits to commence operations and any other legal impediments to commencing business operations.
  • The negotiation and implementation of the restructuring of a business, including mergers, inclusion of additional principles, joint venture agreements and working with independent contractors;
  • The protection of intellectual property and business secrets of the enterprise and drafting and negotiation of licensing agreements;
  • The negotiation of employment agreements, confidentiality and non-compete agreements for key employees and independent contractors and advice regarding other labor issues;
  • Representation before local, state and federal governmental regulatory and administrative agencies;
  • General business advice a client would look to a general counsel fro, including advice on office and equipment leases, third party disputes, including litigation and other such matters as may impact upon the operation of a professional practices organization.

Our clients range from start-up companies to multi-million dollar international business organizations. Each depends on our ability to look beyond their fundamental needs and provide advice on a distinctive array of issues and concerns particular to each client’s situation.

Our work in the area of representation of entrepreneurial businesses has ranged from the unusual to the more ordinary, with each matter involving unique circumstances that demand a level of experienced commitment unlike other areas of law. Tesser & Ryan, LLP views itself as a partner with your business is working with you to establish and maintain a successful business operation.

A recent list of representative matters is available upon request.