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TRR Client, NFL Great to Serve as Brand Ambassador of Leading CBD Company

TRR client, NFL great Leonard Marshall has concluded a deal to serve as Executive Vice President and Brand Ambassador of Pharma GenRx, an industry-leading CBD company.

The company issued the following press release announcing the new affiliation :


Pharma GenRx A CBD Health & Wellness Company

A CBD Health & Wellness Company

Contact: Jason Triveri

Phone: (330) 502-4003

Email: [email protected]

Two-Time Super Bowl Champ Leonard Marshall Joins Pharma GenRx
as Brand Ambassador

New York, N.Y., May 1, 2020-Pharma GenRx Founders Timothy Cherotti and Arben Kane announced today that legendary New York Giants defensive lineman and two-time Super Bowl champion Leonard Marshall has joined the CBD company as its Executive Vice President. Marshall will also serve as Brand Ambassador, representing Pharma GenRx at official events. “Leonard’s dedication to player health and brain safety is noble, moving, and inspiring,” said Cherotti. “As a company committed to helping others, Leonard’s mission to improve lives around the world through cannabinoid science is in perfect harmony with ours. He is the ultimate partner for Pharma GenRx, and we are ecstatic that he is joining our team as Executive Vice President and as a Brand Ambassador.”

Marshall has been a central figure for raising awareness of probable CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), with which he was diagnosed in 2013. This disease, which is caused by repeated head injuries like those regularly experienced playing contact sports, has become a central topic in recent years as more pro athletes are diagnosed with the condition. Marshall, who was active in pro sports from 1983 to 1994, is similarly outspoken regarding his consumption of Cannabidiol (CBD) to manage symptoms of CTE.

“We need to talk about CTE and its impact on players in youth and professional sports,” said the two-time Pro Bowl player. “I know many pro athletes with CTE symptoms who owe their wellness to CBD. Thanks to CBD, I have my life back, and so do so many other retired athletes who suffer with CTE.”

Noting Pharma GenRx’s commitment to high-level pharmaceutical-grade quality standards and use of technologies such as acid-resistant capsules, Marshall said that he is “honored” to join a team of committed and knowledgeable scientific professionals. “Especially during times of heightened stress and uncertainty, many are looking for safe ways to find relief, and Pharma GenRx provides just that through its line of CBD products,” Marshall said. “I use Pharma GenRx’s Oral Capsules and Gummies, and I also enjoy using the Freeze Muscle Rub when I’m feeling sore.”

In addition to his position with Pharma GenRx, Marshall is a brand ambassador for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, an Athlete Ambassador for advocacy organization Athletes For Care, a benefactor

of the Nat King Cole Foundation, and heads the Leonard Marshall Foundation, which advocates for inclusive safety measures on college campuses. “By partnering with Pharma GenRx, I hope to bring next-level cannabis therapeutics to more people in need, no matter how or why they use CBD,” Marshall said.

About Pharma GenRx

Founded by Timothy Cherotti and Arben Kane, Pharma GenRx is an industry-leading CBD company infusing advances in science and technology into impact-driven products designed for consumers to take a proactive approach to wellness. The line of consumables, topicals, and inhalable products use only pharmaceutical-grade CBD with the addition of organic, non-GMO ingredients. All Pharma GenRx products are produced and packaged in the USA in an ISO cleanroom environment and follow Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. For more information about Pharma GenRx’s products, visit www.pharmagen.com