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Senior Partner Lewis Tesser Sits on Ethics Panel at the Immigration and Asylum Conference

On February 10th, 2017, TRR Senior Partner Lewis Tesser sat on a panel as part of the Immigration and Asylum Conference 2017.  The conference, hosted by the Federal Bar Association and the Safe Passage Project at New York Law School, offers learning experiences for both new attorneys and experienced practitioners alike. Along with Melinda Basran, Esq, Mr. Tesser spoke on Ethics, specifically on avoiding conflicts, duty of candor to the tribunal, responding to clients and avoiding complaints. “The current state of Immigration Law is in such a flux that lawyers cannot provide advice with much certainty” said Mr. Tesser. “Also, attorneys want to help their clients but may run afoul of their ethical responsibilities if they help their clients engage in illegal action.”

While TRR does not handle immigration or asylum cases, the firm represents attorneys in all aspects of their practice, including their professional responsibility obligations.

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